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Suja RajSuja Raj 

Salesforce third party tools

Salesforce third party tools
Please let me know how to identify the third party tools that are currently integrated within my  ORG.

Ihave to provide a list of integrated apps within my ORG, how to identify what are the third party tool is integrated within my ORG.
Veenesh VikramVeenesh Vikram
Hi Suja,

You can go to Setup ->  Installed Packages.
On this page you will get a list of all the tools that have been installed in your org.

Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
suja raj ,
To see third party tools in you org go to installed packages.Check your integrated app packages that you installed.

Salesforce Rockzz!!!
Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj