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saran kumar 9saran kumar 9 

Unable To Understand

hi ,i am trying the Lightning Experience Specialist

while i installed the  unmanaged LEX Superbadge package.
here comes the issue

"Install the unmanaged package from the pre-work if you haven’t already. Rename all of the standard objects in the schema as specified, and set the default page layouts for Adventure, Adventure Package, and Opportunity to the Relaxation Gauntlet custom layouts. Update the Opportunity stage values, create a sales path for sales reps (highlighting key fields and giving specific coaching guidance), and create an approval process as specified in the business requirements."

i am confused what i should do next .as i am unable to understand ....

help me
Rich Wingerter 9Rich Wingerter 9
Saran Kumar, click the link in the instructions for "unmanaged LEX Superbadge package". On that page you should see "Get It Now". Enter your username/password for the development org. It should install from there. The instructions don't say who to install it for, so I picked "Install for All Users".

Once you have it installed, you will need to rename objects. Look a little further down for the "Standard Objects" section to get the custom names.

To edit any of the fields on the (custom) Fulfillment object, you will need to go to the installed package. In Setup, type "Installed Packages" into the Quick Find box and click that link. Then click the link in the Package Name column. On the summary, click the "View Components" button. This is where you will see the custom items, like fields. One of them is "Fulfillment" and it is a "Custom Object". You can click that link to see its details (and edit them).
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
You've installed the Unmanaged Package, correct? Now you'll need to rename some objects by searching "rename" in the quick search bar (Note I'm in Classic. I do not administer in Lightning except for Lightning only features.) This will take you to this page which will take you to a wizard to do the renaming:

User-added image

User-added image

In the Unmanaged Package, there should be three custom layouts, one for Opportunities, Opportunity Products (Adventure Packages), and Products (Adventures). For each of these objects, you should find a "Page Layouts" link in the Setup tree. Click the "Manage Assignments" button and set all of the profiles to the Relaxation Gauntlet Layout.

You'll need to get rid of some or all of the old Opportunity Stages and replace them with the given stages (New, Negotiation, Completed, etc).

Next, you need to create an Approval Process as specified in the text. I think it should have been more complex, but it's really as simple as it looks. Make sure to Activate the Approval Process before you check the challenge if you value the "First Ascent Flag". If you don't activate it, you'll get an error.

Lastly, Create a Sales Process. Include all stages in this process. To find Sales Processes, search "Sales Process" in the Quick Find box. After you create this, you'll need to go to Lightning Experience. Search "Sales Path" in the LEX Quickfind box, and you'll be at the right page. Perform the instructions it gives for each stage, and you should be done.

Does this make sense? Please by all means let me know if you have any questions.

Parker Edelmann
Sankeerth ReddySankeerth Reddy
Hi Parker,

Thanks for the detailed steps, but in the last step after creating a sales process we should search for "Path Settings" instead of "Sales Path" to get to the required screen.

Best Regards,
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
Hi Sankeerth,

This thread is over a year old, so I suspect that Salesforce changed some things and outdated that part of my answer. The Path feature used to be only available on Opportunities (thus Sales Path) and Leads. Now, it is available for any custom object as well, so it's been re-branded as just Path.

Sankeerth ReddySankeerth Reddy
Hi @Parker

Yeah, I was searching for the 'Sales Path' settings and thus I thought it would be helpful for others.

In this super badge, it says to rename the standard objects - remember you will be able to change only the Labels of standard objects, not the API names. So changing the Labels is good enough as explained above and don't fret about changing standard object names as its not possible ;)