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mouse hover for question ?

Hi all,

i need some help in making mouse hover content to be displayed. i need t display some content when i palce mouse on perticular word in question.

contnt to be displayed:
" In ancient manuscripts, another means to divide sentences into paragraphs was a line break (newline) followed by an initial at the beginning of the next paragraph. 

An initial is an oversize capital letter, sometimes outdented beyond the margin of text. This style can be seen, for example, in the original Old English manuscript of Beowulf.

Outdenting is still used in English typography, though not commonly.[4] Modern English typography usually indicates a new paragraph by indenting the first line. 

This style can be seen in the (handwritten) United States Constitution from 1787. For additional ornamentation, a hedera leaf or other symbol can be added to the inter-paragraph whitespace, or put in the indentation space. "

sample Question:
Q) what is the best paragrah is to be selecte for newly assignes.

when i place the pointer on "Paragraph" i need to display the whole paras shown above in visualforce page.

Thanks in Advance.
Look for Jquery tooltip or a bootstrap plugin tooltip