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Saroj KushwahaSaroj Kushwaha 

Create a Custom Record Page

Give your users a customized view of their accounts by creating a custom account record page.
  • The new record page must use the 'Header and Two Columns' template, be called 'New Account Page', and be assigned to the Account object.
  • The page must have the Highlights Panel and Twitter components, and a Tabs component with these tabs containing these components:
  1. Activity Tab contains the Activities Component
  2. Collaborate Tab contains the Feed Component
  3. Related Tab contains the Related Lists Component
  4. Details Tab contains the Record Detail Component
  • The page must be activated.
So I made the record page as required which looks as follows :
record page

but i m getting following error
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Lightning Page named 'New Account Page' does not appear to have the correct components on it.
please guide me
Christophe_         LereverendChristophe_ Lereverend
Worked for me perfectly! 
"Added a Screenshot" 

New Account

1- Drag and Drop on Top - Highlights Panel  
    - Right side Twitter components
      - Left Side Tabs component

2- Tabs must containt "Activity tab", "Collaborate tab", "Related tab" and "Details tab"
Selecting Tabs _ "Activity tab", "Collaborate tab", "Related tab" and "Details tab"
Apurv SaxenaApurv Saxena
Do the same as mentioned by @Christophe_ Lereverend and then drag and drop each and every component in the respective tabs. Worked for me. Instead of Collaborate Tab use Chatter Tab as it was unavaliable in the previous releases.