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Jose ZunigaJose Zuniga 

Error logs while saving a file to SandBox

Every time we deploy to PROD using Force.com Eclipse we can get a deployment log. How can we get an error log every time we save a file to a Sandbox? This is so important to analyze that it will badly surprise me if this is not possible.

Vasani ParthVasani Parth

Deployment and saving a file is totally a different concept. Can you please ellaborate more.
When your deployment fails, it is saved in salesforce under the same inbound change section.
Though this is a read-only info.
Perhaps you can use and ANT deployment tool, if you want to have such kinda log.

Let me know if that helped.
Jose ZunigaJose Zuniga
Using Force.com Eclipse, everytime we deploy a file to PROD we can get a log about the results of that process. However, if we use Force.com Eclipse to save a file to a sandbox there is a check that Salesforce does and may or may not accept to save this file in the SandBox. For example, because of syntax errors salesforce will not accept a fil to be saved. Yet, while there is an "evaualtion" process from SalesForce to allow a file to be saved from Force.com IDE to a sandbox I've never seen a log that could tell me why Salesforce is allowing or not a file to be saved or not. I wish I could find that log which, in my case, has become very important to find for debbuging purposes.