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chandu kumarchandu kumar 

i am going to write unit test class.but in pagereference method there are if conditions and for loops with lists...even i dont understand how to start the code. i am going to give some sample code ..please write test code for below.thanks in advance

    public PageReference AddOptInQuestions (){
        List<rfp_question__c> rqlist = new List<rfp_question__c>();
        if(UserSelectOptInQ!= null){
            if (!setOptInQ.contains(UserSelectOptInQ)){
                for(Question_Product__c c: [SELECT Question__r.Id, Question__c, Product__c, Question__r.Question_Text__c, Question__r.type__c,Question__r.Chapter__c, Question__r.Subgroup__c, Product__r.name 
                                            FROM Question_Product__c WHERE Question__r.Opt_in_question__c =:true and Question__r.Subgroup__c=:UserSelectOptInQ limit 100]){
                                                RFP_Question__c rq = new RFP_Question__c();
                                                rq.Question__c = c.Question__r.id;
                                                rq.Question_Text__c = c.Question__r.Question_Text__c;
                                                rq.RFP__c = RFPId;
                                                rq.Product__c = c.Product__c;
                                                //rq.Unique_ID__c = RFPId + '-' + c.Question__r.ID;
                                                rq.Type__c = c.Question__r.Type__c;
                                                rq.Subgroup__c = c.Question__r.Subgroup__c;
                                                rq.Chapter__c = c.Question__r.Chapter__c;
                                                rq.ProductName__c = c.Product__r.name;
                                                rq.status__C = 'Active';
                upsert selectedOptInQuestions;
                    Integer i;
            for(rfp_question__c ri: [select no__c  from rfp_question__c where Status__c != 'Removed' and RFP__c=:RFPId and no__c != null order by no__c desc limit 1]){
                i = Integer.valueOf(ri.no__c);
            if (i == null)
                i = 0;
            List<rfp_question__c> rqlist1 = new List<rfp_question__c>();
            for(rfp_question__c rq: [select id, no__c, Question__r.Subgroup__c, Question__r.Type__c, Product__r.name from rfp_question__c 
                                     where RFP__c=:RFPId and no__c = null]){
                                         rq.no__c = i;
                upsert rqlist1;
        return null;