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Carlos HernandoCarlos Hernando 

Last login field doesn't show correct information

Hello everyone,

I'm triying to get the users that haven't logged into the org for more than two months.
 have a report in salesforce that shows all active users with the last login. Some lastlogin field of the user's record are empty, but when I check the login_history object the have some access to the org. 

Is there any workaround or a solution to this problem?


Carlos HernandoCarlos Hernando
I have a little workaround. Since I'm have SSO integration when the user logs in he modifies his own record so I can create a custom field and store this information with a process buider. 
This is not a fully solution because sometimes when the user logs in the lastmodifiedby user is an administrator and not the user.
I still would like to find a solution with out a process builder.