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Sekar Krishnan 1Sekar Krishnan 1 

Need to Bulk Download Data export Zip files

Hi ,I AHve 1000+ data export zip files and looking for a automated way to download the files
Using the Command Line support for DataLoader you can do this, and can even schedule using the windows scheduler.
You can refer the documentation to implement it :
Sekar Krishnan 1Sekar Krishnan 1
I have downloaded the data using the data management -> data export using weekly data export process and It has created 1200+ zip files each around 500MB.I am looking for a automated way to download the extracted xip files form salesforce to local drive.Dataloader don't have the capability.
Sonam MeshramSonam Meshram
Hi Sekar,
Mass download of Attachments, Files, Static Resource and Documents as a zip throughout the organization on record level. With only single click it is possible to download the records. Just go through the trial version of this app from the link you will find many features which make you downloading problem much easier . 

Please have a look:https://sforce.co/34thF8U
Nicolas VUILLAMY 19Nicolas VUILLAMY 19
You can use sfdx-hardis to export any files you want without installing packages or use a paid application
Instructions are described in this article -> https://nicolas.vuillamy.fr/how-to-mass-download-notes-and-attachments-files-from-a-salesforce-org-83a028824afd