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Sohit BhardwajSohit Bhardwaj 

Error Occurred During Flow "First_Example": Maximum number of topic assignments have been exceeded

Not sure what has happen. I have got more then 9999+ email in my email from my salesforce developer Org.

Email Text:

An error occurred at element myRule_1_A1 (FlowActionCall).
Maximum number of topic assignments have been exceeded.

This report lists the elements that the flow interview executed. The report is a beta feature.
We welcome your feedback on IdeaExchange.

Flow Details
Flow Name: First_Example
Type: Workflow
Version: 1
Status: Active

Flow Interview Details
Interview Label: First_Example-1_Case
Current User: croma org (00528000002Cbzh)
Start time: 7/16/2016 9:45 AM
Duration: 0 seconds

How the Interview Started
croma org (00528000002Cbzh) started the flow interview.
Some of this flow's variables were set when the interview started.
myVariable_old = null
myVariable_current = 5002800000MmnIrAAJ

ASSIGNMENT: myVariable_waitStartTimeAssignment
{!myVariable_waitStartTimeVariable} Equals {!Flow.CurrentDateTime}
{!myVariable_waitStartTimeVariable} = "7/16/2016 9:45 AM"

DECISION: myDecision
Executed this outcome: myRule_1
Outcome conditions: and
1. {!formula_myRule_1} (true) Equals true
Logic: All conditions must be true (AND)

text = {!myVariable_current.Id} You have created this? {!myVariable_current.OwnerId} (5002800000MmnIrAAJ You have created this? 00528000002CbzhAAC)
type = null
subjectNameOrId = {!myVariable_current.Id} (5002800000MmnIrAAJ)

Flood Email from salesforce

On my user account I have disabled all the checkbox not to send me any type of emails. But this is not stopping these emails to come. How to stop these emails reaching my email. Its contuniusly coming every few seconds interval.
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
Yikes! If you want to stop that from sending emails, deactivate the Flow/Process that's causing it. You'll probably still recieve emails for the next few minutes concerning it, but it'll eventually stop.

Now to figure out what's wrong with the darn thing. From the error message, it looks like you have built a Process that's goofing up on a Post to Chatter element. Could you please take screenshots of the Process in question? A picture is worth a thousand words, and a couple of them could help us to help you solve your problem.

Seems like it went in a never ending loop, please check the condition/critera, looping condition in your flow.
Sohit BhardwajSohit Bhardwaj

hi Parker thanks for your response. You might be right. Actually on Vf page I was trying to update account records through Apex. but there is one process builder that post to chatter as welcome message. But not sure why this might be send emails.. As of now i ahve recieved 30k emails.

User-added image

I am now just moving emails that are coming to another folder by creating a new rule. :( 

Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
I think I know what's happening! Can you provide a screenshot of the chatter action? I believe that you have assigned to the chatter post 11 or more topics. The limit is 10, so when it trys to post, it fails and you get an email from it. Not sure why you've received 30k+ emails though. For now, deactivate the process until you can get the chatter action set up correctly.