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Dave Taylor 12Dave Taylor 12 

I am not a developer, but I need create a web form to add a chatter post to an account (selected on the web page from a list). Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started?

We are a nonprofit charity in the UK that runs a helpline for patients, using Salesforce. 

I need to capture data from Salesforce into a web page (essentially to create a map of the locations and some data from a list of specific accounts; specifically those accounts identified in the salesforce account record by a checkbox), and to create two web forms to do the following: 

Form 1 - adds a chatter post to an account from the list on the web page (account is known to exist as form only works with the accounts whose locations are on the map).

Form 2 (unrelated to above use cases) - creates a case and associated contact and account (having first checked whether contact already exists).

I at first thought of using FormAssembly to create the forms, but we cannot permit the data we are capturing to be stored or to transit outside of the EU, or outside of the Salesforce platform. So I need help with creating web to case, and web to other record types and also with providing an API for the web developers to be able to pull the specified data on demand from Salesforce. 

If the above form use cases are do-able by an admin with process builder and web to case know-how, then I’m willing to learn if someone can help to get me started. As for the API, I don’t know where to begin. Is there a ready-made solution?
Christian Dylan CarterChristian Dylan Carter
Hey Dave,

Would you mind posting this question over on the Power of Us Hub ( It's the Salesforce community for nonprofits and higher education organizations. We've got a lot of smart folks over to help in situations like this.

The closest to "no code" and free you can usually get is with a Visual Flow hosted in a Public Site. If you have the Power of Us license grant, you have 25 public sites which let you create public facing Visualforce pages that can view and create data. You can pretty easily embed a Flow into a VF page, which makes for a basic interface for things like this.
Dave Taylor 12Dave Taylor 12

Many thanks. I have posted the question in the Power of Us Hub (in the UK section), but maybe there is a better section to use? We have a nonprofit Salesforce license. I can see from this page how I can use Visual Workflows to capture data from the customer:

Do you have any ideas on how to provide an API for my web developers to display a map or list of accounts (I will select the accounts to list or display by a simple checkbox in the account record) - they need to be able to pull the account records and certain of their fields on demand.