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Andrea SloanAndrea Sloan 

Field Visibility on Accounts Screen

I am an admin and have been requrested to introduce a picklist field called Account Category on my Accounts screen but to be made visible only under particular record type combinations. I truly want to stay away from creating new record types as well as new page layouts for users to not see this one field under a differenet page layout. From a system admin maintenance perspective for just one field, a record type with additional page layouts is not worth the future maintenance trouble.
I would in an ideal world like to have this newAccount Category field viewable to all users under the scenarios below but all under the SAME default account page layout that I use for all my reocrds. Is there any way this could be accomlished with VisualForce as it apepars it's not possible to ahve the field invisible in Salesforce unless I introduce record types and diffferent page layouts.

Below are my scenarios:

1. Account Classification: Retail 
Source Market: Mexico
Account Category: Show 4 out of 4 possible values (would be dependent field to above fields)

2. Account Classification Non Retail
Source Market : Mexico
Account category: Show 4 out fo 4 possible values (same as above f or Mexico)

3. Account Classification: Non-Retail
Source Market :USA or Canada (canada is a separate value from USA)
Account Category: 3 out of 4 possible values

4. Account Classification: Retail
Source Market :USA or Canada (canada is a separate value from USA)
Account Category: User should not have the ability to  select anything and field should look white blank. Ideally, if field could even be invisible, that would be great (without creating a record type that is)

Any other combination of Account Classification with Source Market, user should ideally not see anything under Account Categry OR at least have that field display as blank,.

Account Category would only be dependent on source market but the only scenario where it's values are dependent on source market as well as account classification choice is under combination 4.

Can this be accomplished with just one page layout view? Either have the field hidden when not applicalbe OR have it there but have it greyed out with a white display (I don't want the word "None" as an option)
Hi Andrea,

Yes, above scenario can be implemented using VF page. 

Please contact me if you need assistance on this. 

Skype: gaurav62990