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Testing Trigger Handler Class

Hi everyone,
I write a trigger on opportunity (before insert, after insert, before update, after update) now I  need to test it.
I put trigger logic in a trigger Handler Class.
My trigger has to populate a date field ContractDate , with today's date, on the object Procedure__c releted to Opportunity with a lookup relationship where the record type of Procedure__C has a certain value  and when School__c field ( on opportunity object) is populated.
.that's the handler class
public class OpportunityTriggerHandler {

public static void date_program() {

list<Opportunity> OppList = new list<Opportunity>();

RecordType rtype= [SELECT id, Name FROM RecordType WHERE sObjectType= 'Procedure__c' and name='Client'  limit 1];

List<Procedure__c> listtoupdate= [SELECT ContractDate__c FROM Procedure__c WHERE recordTypeId=] ;

for (Opportunity op: (List<Opportunity>) {
    for (Procedure__c proc : listtoupdate){
if(op.School__c !=NULL) {


            proc.ContractDate__c= null;

update listtoupdate;


That's the test class
private class AddOppTriggerTest
    static testMethod void testOpportunityTriggerHandler() {

    Opportunity o= new Opportunity(name='tester', Numero_di_Rate__c= '2', CloseDate=date.ValueOf('2016-09-21'), StageName='QUESTIONARIO');
    insert o;
  RecordType rtid= [SELECT id, Name FROM RecordType WHERE sObjectType= 'Procedure__c' and name='Client'  limit 1];
    Opportunity opp=[SELECT id from Opportunity limit 1];

    Procedure__c pr = new Procedure__c (, );  
    insert pr;
    if (o.School--c!=NULL  )
        pr.Contractdate__c= ;  
        o=[Select  school__c from Opportunity];
    pr = [Select ContractDate__c from Procedure__c];

    system.assertEquals(false,o.School__c !=null); 
    system.debug(  );
    system.assertEquals(false, pr.ContractDate__c ==;
Trigger works fine and also the test passes but I can't achieve the code coverage necessary.
The problem is There's no coverage for the if statement.
Any suggestion? where am I wrong?
Anupama SamantroyAnupama Samantroy
Hi ,

In your test class when you are creating the Opportunity o, you also need to populate the School__c field.

Thanks Anupama,
I did what you suggest, but the problem is still there.
I've  tried to populate school__c field but there's no coverage for if statement.
Other ideas?
Thanks a lot