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Mel ScottMel Scott 

Email Object

Is it possible to record an email alert in the Email Object - NOT AN ACTIVITY EMAIL, but in the Email section that allows responses to automatically log to a case?
Use Case:  Send an email using a template upon Case creation that records in the email section and not as a task or activity.  A user can see the email and reply to customer with case thread response functionality in place. 
Not entirely sure, but there is an object called EmailMessage that supports create(). Here is the documentation, try adding to this object and see if that works out: 

Mel ScottMel Scott
Thank you. For a work around, I created an email to case setup and I used the unique email address in the template as a CC. This gets the initial workflow email attached to the case. *melonie*scott Salesforce.com BA/Admin 310-309-3098 office 310-925-3914 mobile 2401 Colorado Avenue | santa monica, ca 90404