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Rick Hedin 6Rick Hedin 6 

What IDE best for developing Lightning components?

I have followed a progression.

1.  I built Lightning components on the developer console, and the documentation shows.

     In order to keep snapshots of my work as I went, I copied and pasted to emails that I sent to myself. 

2.  I attended Midwest Dreaming, and discovered that my compatriots worked in Sublime and Eclipse, and connected to Salesforce. 

     That would allow me to use git, as I'm used to.  

3.  I tried Sublime 3 with MavensMate.  I got a complaint that TLS 1.0 wasn't supported, only TLS 1.1. 

4.  I looked into using Eclipse with the IDE.  It's not clear that environment supports building Lightning components conveniently.

5.  I discovered that if you go to salesforce...devcenter/lightning, they talk about a plug-in for Sublime.  Not a MavensMate plug-in.  One made by Salesforce.

So my question is:  Where can I go for reliable, convenient development of Lightning components?
sathishkumar periyasamysathishkumar periyasamy
@rick, Try to use Developer Console.
Refer URL for Mavenmate -
Rick Hedin 6Rick Hedin 6
Hi, Sathish. 

Maybe I haven't been clear.  My objective is to use git.  I can't do that from the Developer Console. 

To ask my question in one sentence:   Does the plug-in for Sublime do Apex, Visual Force, as well as Lightning?
Jay Kumar PatilJay Kumar Patil
Hi Rick,

You can use it has both options automatic versioning of code and lots of stuff.  introduced an intuitive, modern, cloud-based development environment for Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning

For eclipse base developement environment follow these instructions
add manual git versioning or svn of your company

My personal suggestion would be go for c9 enterprice version, you can setup one development environment for free just signup.
You can try Welkin IDE. For reference please go to the page : 
Stephen Piercey 5Stephen Piercey 5
I've used Sublime Text 3 with lightning (it's literally just called lightning - it uses the cli) plugin for my lightning development in the past. It sits nicley along side a MavensMate project so you can have one project open with all the standard metadata components handled by MavensMate and the ligthning bundles handled by the lightning plugin.

Lightning is IMO still in it's infancy and there aren't any great tools out there for it at to moment. We push everything to Git as well and I've found Sublime Text 3 + MavensMate + Lightning (w/ cli) to be the best option. 
_Zach Boyd_Zach Boyd
The latest version of the Force IDE plugin for Eclipse does support lightning components now and it it what I use personally. I also recommend using the new Heroku toolbet plugin to ensure your lightning components are compatible with LockerService.
Michael Shumenko 11Michael Shumenko 11

IMHO, JetForcer is the best IDE for Lightning developers. 
Just take a look at features description for lightning:

Does MavensMate for Sublime Text support checking for conflicts before saving on the server for Lightning components. For me, It does the conflict check for Apex classes but not for Lightning components and client side controllers/helpers. Is it a Mavensmate limitation or the Tooling API itself. 
Marco Zisa 2Marco Zisa 2

Regarding lightning components coding, I am currently using to Visual Studio Code as IDE + Salesforce Extension Pack and Salesforce DX CLI.
Since I would point out that FORCE.COM plugin will be no longer supported in the short time, to replace MavensMate you may have a look to Salesforce Org Manager, which is an open source project proposing an org metadata manage with treeview rendering of the Org's metadata and works specifically with VS Code as code editor.

Salesforce Org Manager let you create any lightning items on the fly on the current developer/sandbox Org.