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how to start insurance project

Hello, I want to make insurance app for one of my customer. There is an insurance salesforce edition (Professional edition) which is a sales app. When i searched on google on one of the websites it was given that it include 2 custom objects carrier and policies. But when i registered for 30 day trial for that edition it had only sales app there were no custom objects.
So should i need to make this custom object.
Or should customize sales app as per client requirement.
Please tell me how start project once license copy is accquired by customer.
Hi Prasad, this is a very wide question, and both approaches could be right depending on detailed business requirements. Usually I try to stick to standard objects, but the business objectives need to match Salesforce standard object usage. I suggest you take some help from an experienced consultant or post detailed requirements on the forum and the community can help you. 
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Hi Prasad,
As an insurance professional, wanting to appify processes I'm curious to know if you succeeded in making your insurance app.

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