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Sandy GaliSandy Gali 

Quick Action in Visualforce

We have an action of type ‘Custom Visualforce’ on a custom object called Trip. This action is added as a quick action in to the ‘Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher’ menu in the page layout of the trip object.
The action is a simple visualforce page with firstname and lastname columns which when entered creates an account and also creates a related record for trip member object (after clicking the create member button). The objective of this VF page was a way for users to quickly create an account if it did not exist and doing it from the quick action on the page would save some time. There is a master detail relationship between trip and trip member and the trip members appear as a related list in the trip page layout.
Code is very similar to this.
The issue is we the related list does not get refreshed once an account has been created using the quick action , I know this is not possible with standard sf and we may have to go for a VF page. Issue is users have to refresh the page to see if the trip member has been added to the page.
But I was also wondering if there was a better way of implementing this whole thing.
Any suggestion is much appreciated
Well the link that you shared above, has a section where is says about refreshing the host page
"Requirements for Refreshing Host Pages"

If you want a custom action, whether object-specific or global, to refresh the feed on the page that hosts it, the Visualforce page you create to use as that action must:
Reference the publisher JavaScript file: <script type='text/javascript' src='/canvas/sdk/js/publisher.js'/>. (Creating custom Visualforce actions doesn’t require the Canvas SDK.)
Include this JavaScript call: Sfdc.canvas.publisher.publish({name : 'publisher.refresh', payload : {feed:true}});.

Let me know if this helps.
Sandy GaliSandy Gali
Unfortunately that only refreshes the feed part and not the related lists, I already tried that and does not help my case
Then custom VF page would be your only bet
You can use lightning components for this.