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How to Customize Same Send Meeting Request for Custom Object.

Hi Everyone,

I have functionality to work on same as like Send Meeting Request button functionality.
Let me explian you very clearly, Lets Consider lead object and its relatedlist has Open activities.Which has Send Meeting Request button.When i click on that button,popup appears with several details and with a calendar to pick a date,how ever we used to send a mail,as a meeting request.

I need the same functionality for Custom Object.But as per the below link,we cannot achieve.

I need a way to achieve the same.Could some one share your Idea's so that i can go ahead and complete the same.

Srinivas Gupta
Navee RahulNavee Rahul
Hello Sri549,

what you can do is,
Setup- >Create -> Custom Object->Select you Object ->Click Edit button.

see the attached image, where u need to Select Allow Activities Checkbox.

User-added image

and save. once done.

go to your record detail page, Edit page layout and then add the activity History in the related list.

User-added image

save it. once done you can see send email button.
Hope this helps.

D Naveen Rahul.