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karunakarreddy bade 8karunakarreddy bade 8 

Regarding Production Refresh Issue

Hi Friends,

I am facing an Issue Regarding production that is

When I refresh the production then the content will be copied in Full copy sandbox right at the same time masking emails are sent to all users
in the invalid format for example: actuval mail id is krishna@hp.com but it will send in the format like kri=shna@example.com like that it will send but my requirement is we want send the valid emails to users when we refresh the production

Please give me the your valubale comments

Navee RahulNavee Rahul
Hello karunakarreddy,

when you refresh the sandbox, their is an option to avoid users data is replaced again.
you can refresh data thats only needed.(No need to overwrite user again and again and email to every one).

here is below link, which explain how to create a template for reshing a sandbox.

here in the below link,

D. Naveen rahul.
karunakarreddy bade 8karunakarreddy bade 8
Thanks for your response naveen rahul
But my requirement is after refresh the production it will send the emails in invalid format so i want update them to valid format that's my requirement