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Abhishek SolankiAbhishek Solanki 

Visualforce page creation asap

Please code it asap. I need it urgent.

Create a object Note with Following fields
-Name (auto Number)
-Opportunity (Lookup to Opportunity)
-Account (Lookup to Account)
-Case (Lookup to Case)
-Description - Text Area
-Date - Date Field
-Record Owner -Lookup(User)

Now, you need to develop following functionalities.
1. Create a VF page MyRelatedNotes which takes userid as parameter.if no userid parameter is passed then it should take current logged in user id. Another Parameter "type" which will have value as Opportunity/Accounts/Cases .

2. Create picklist Type with 3 Values : Opportunity ,Accounts , Cases .By Default selected value should be type value passed in parameter and user can change this value.

3. If Opportunity is Selected from Drop down display all the Opportunity ,If Accounts are selected display accounts and same for cases  where Owner Id is Id passed from the parameter.

4. Create a section in visual force which is displayed when Opportunity/Case/Account is Selected and you will get a blank form to add notes records in which Owner will be populated by default and will be non editable.

5. Add save,reset button to section created above and write their functionality to save(insert the record with Selected Opportunity/Case/Account Populated),Reset(Clears out Description,Date and Owner field and change owner to editable field)

6.Description and Date should be made required and should show error if this is not filled (Do not use Required=True).

It sounds like you're looking for someone to write the code for this project. These forums are not meant for that; you'll want to post over on the AppExchange site [1] where you can match up with a developer looking to work on your project.   If you have specific questions or problems with your code, please include them here and we will be more than willing to help you.

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[1] https://appexchange.salesforce.com/developers