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Mark Tough 01Mark Tough 01 

Is there a way to use predictive text in Picklist fields?

I have a few large lists and it makes sense to use Predictive text especially when it's a repeatative task. I've had this request in a Greenfield Development and don't just like to say no - I can't find any reference or ideas on the subject.
Francisco FernandezFrancisco Fernandez
as far as i know there's no way of doing that using sf capabilities, but as long as you have the picklist extended and you type the selection's beginning characters, it will select the first option that matches de pattern.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Mark,
Below is the link which has similar discussion thought it would be helpful to you.

Thanks and Regards
Vasani ParthVasani Parth

At present, there is no standard way to do this and you can vote for this idea:

But currently work for lookup fields only. in future you can refer this

Salesforce: Lookup Auto Complete
Many of us may not aware that Salesforce have Auto-Complete feature, it is a simple feature for someone, but for many, this feature help a lot for daily works.

By default it is not enable, so admin need to activate it manually, although it is pretty easy. The setup is buried deep inside Setup menu. Here we go: Setup - Customize - Search - Search Settings. Scroll down to Lookup Settings and look for objects that you need enable for auto-completion then check Lookup Auto-Completion for the objects.

Few items to note for Auto-Completion in Salesforce:
  • Admin have to manually enable objects for auto-completion. So, when a lookup field created, the parent object (not child object) need to enable for auto-lookup.
  • Same as other area in Salesforce, it is case-insensitive
  •  It only work for both Master-Detail and Lookup relationship, not for text field or other.
  • It displays suggestions from My Recent Items list as you type, but recent items here is not limited to the items in side bar, but including in recent tab and list view.
  • It will catch character in a word start with, so for example: when you type ed, it will catch Kia Edan and edwin, but not medan.

Please mark this as the best answer if this helps
Mark Tough 01Mark Tough 01
Thanks for Everyones replies - it is appreciated. Note for Everyone I am using Lightning!

Fransisco - I'm not sure what Extended means in this context. When I tab through (say Accounts) I come to Type and there are no defaults so I see None. I would then like to type C for Customer and it populates and I can hit Enter as there are no other C's in my list. But I can't - I have to use the Picklist Select Arrow - will Extending? help this.

Sandhya - I will play with this but it's a tough one for me, I'll let you know if it works (give me a while).

Vasani - It wasn't Lookups that I want to Populate but Picklists. Your explanation was excellent but all mine were already selected so no luck I'm afraid.

Again Thanks for the input.