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Lookup Filter

Hi Guys,

I am facing an issue which I thought could be easily resolved but I am finding it extreemly difficult to solve. I would have thought that Salesforce would have an out of the box solution for this and please guide me in the right direction if they do but I cannot find it.

I am working with and insurance company who are using an Unlimited Service Cloud Edition of Salesforce. Agents dealing with Cases only receive Policy Numbers (NOT CONTACT NAMES) when dealing with a case. I have created a Custom Object and Called It Policy_Information_c which has a Master-Detail Relationship with Contacts, and stores all of the relavent Policy Information. On the Case Object I have a created a Custom Lookup Field to Policy_Information_c.

The user has requested that the Contact Lookup Field in Cases is Filtered based on the Policy No. Lookup field eg. The user inputs the Policy Number in the Case Record, clicks on the Contact Lookup Icon, and only the Contacts related to that Policy Number will appear. Just so you also know, a Policy No. can be related to more than one Contact. I keep running into a brick wall when trying to build this logic into Salesforce and I am finding it very hard to find a proper solution both on this forum and on the Success Community.

Is there an out of the Box Solution that I have completely missed?

Thanks guys. 
Hi Nevin,

You could give a try creating lookup filter in order to filter all the Contacts based on the Policy Number entered by the User, below documentation would help you create one such look up filter:


Hi Nevin,

Lookup filter will help you providing all those contacts only, which are related to Policy #. 

Do we need a single contact record? can you please elabore on this. 

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