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I am part of the flow trigger pilot.

I have a custom object that tracks parts on a bill of materials (product parts). I have another object that tracks a simple production forecast for the products (MRP Forecast) - I have built a flow trigger that evaluates the MRP forecast and creates individual requirements records on a 3rd custom object that is Master Detail to the forecast object for each product on the bill of materials for the product specified in the forecast. (Bills of Material can be anywhere from 1 to 200 part numbers)

It works perfectly if I add or edit a forecast in the native salesforce interface - but we have hundreds of products, and each product needs a separate forecast for each month - so I need to be able to upload my forecast records en mass.

I tried an upload of 30 forecast records and it failed on the record insert: "common.exception.ApiException: record limit reached. cannot submit more than 200 records into this call".

Is there anyway I can "bulkify" the flow so that it collects multiple requests and handles them more elegantly?