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How to resolve error during sending outbound message? I am getting error 'Function Notifications does not exist'.
what is SOQL Query for getting all notes(Not notes & attachment) from opportunity.
How to resolve error during sending outbound message? I am getting error 'Function Notifications does not exist'.
Hi All, 

I'm not a developer, so apologises if I'm asking a silly question.
I am looking into some code that has been provided to us, for a visual force page using Bootstrap. We have created a web form using visual force. 

When the Reason for change field is selected, it opens up a dynamic list of fields, along with a submit button that creates a case (providing no validation rules have been triggered. I have added the continue button below. I'm wanting to control the rendering of the reason field with the button, e.g. the field is only displayed once the button is clicked. 

I have started to attempt this in the code but keep hitting errors. any suggestions would be appreciated. User-added image
User-added image
During the Deployment i've gon en error
System.LimitException: Too many SOQL queries: 101 
Stack Trace: Class.TriggerHanglerActivity.copyDataToContactProductCategory: line 388, column 1 Class.TriggerHanglerActivity.onAfterUpdate: line 47, column 1 Trigger.ActivityTrigger: line 24, column 1
The Apex Class is:
global class UpdateUserTargets Implements Schedulable
        global void execute(SchedulableContext sc)

        public void doexecute()
            list<PersonalGoals__c> AllRecords = new list<PersonalGoals__c>();
            AllRecords = [select Id from PersonalGoals__c where Q_check__c = TRUE];
            update AllRecords;

How to solve this error?


I'm trying to build a query to returns a list of Opportunity IDs where the Opportunity Owner doesn't match the Account Owner. 

I've tried this : 
SELECT Id FROM Opportunity WHERE OwnerId != Opportunity.Account.OwnerId. 
But it doesn't work.

Any Idea ? 

Hi Every One, 
I'm trying to add new pick list values on Standard fields "Industry" On Account Object. After adding values and while saving I’m getting "Error: Duplicate Values" but they are new values. can anyone please give let me know how to fix this error?

Thanks in Advance,
The solution all over the web, http://titancronus.com/blog/2014/05/01/salesforce-acquiring-dependent-picklists-in-apex/ does not work in all cases it seems.

Is there an official solution yet, or maybe an alternative? That code above is the only one that seems to be floating around on different sites.