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Hello everybody i created a milestone who starts couting once a Work Order is created, but i want that it to stop counting once the Status of the Work Order changes to Start Execution
Can any one help me with that?
Thank you
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Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to deploy the components of a SF org (Dev org) to an other one (Test org), But I'm stuck with the following errors :

Could your help me please?Trouble
Thank you 

Hello everybody, i just have started to take some courses of visualforce and i have to achieve this training :

Assuming that the Opportunity object has 10 Records Types and more.
To reduce this number, we will create a selection list to preselect the type of record type.
Once made preset, one must view the types of records.
example: record type Type (External, Internal) Record Type (external display, internal display etc.)
Once the user has selected its record type, we redirect to the page for creating an opportunity to record this kind.
Constraint: This process must be available from the Home tab of the Opportunity object.

can you help me with the main architecture to achieve this training?

Thank you