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I own an ISV providing custom application development for clients and looking at force.com as a development  platform option. But I can't get my head around the licensing so can't get an idea of what I would need to charge for apps developed on this platform - for both existing saleforce.com customers, and non-customers. Can anyone advise?
Note - we specialise in custom solutions so at this stage I'm not looking at developing applications for posting on the AppExchange.
In Spring 16 release there is new feature introduced "Update Fields on Converted Leads".

Once a Lead is converted, the data is only accessible in a read-only fashion via the Converted Leads report. But now from what I read in the link below, users with specified permissions can update fields and picklist values on Leads already converted.

So I went through the steps outlined in the salesforce release notes above. I get stuck on step 4:

"4. Add the setting to your profiles. From Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box, then select Profiles. Select the profile and then select Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation."

When I go the profiles section, I find the "Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation" but I can't select the checkbox. Please help.

We have set up the AccountContactRelation to allow contacts to be related to multiple accounts. 

For some of the accounts the contacts are not showing in the contacts related list, but in the Contact page
the related account does appear on the accounts related list.

Checking through the API the relationship appears to be perfectly created too.

Can someone guide us through ?

Hello Community, 
I'm currently working on the "Build an Account Geolocation App" project in the Trailhead Project section. I'm having an issue on "Step 2: Use the AccountLocator Component in a Lightning Application"

My issue is this:

The Steps:
1.In the Developer Console, select File > New > Lightning Application.
2.Specify AccountLocatorApp as the bundle name, and click Submit.
3.On the AccountLocatorApp.cmp tab, implement the application as follows:

After I go to step 2 and submit the AccountLocatorApp name it gives me an error stating:

"duplicate value found: <unknown> duplicates value on record with id: <unknown>"

Then this error:
Operation did not complete "Long running operation did not complete, continuing in background"

I would like some assistance or insight into this issue community. Thanks.