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I got this error message on completing Module "Reports and dashboards" - "Share, Schedule, and Subscribe to Reports and Dashboards"  :
"The dashboard snapshot post to Chatter was not found." although is created and shared, see printscreen below.User-added image

How can I complete the Challenge?
I am on the "Share, Schedule, and Subscribe to Reports and Dashboards" module and I have completed the hands-on challenge but I keep getting an error message saying "The dashboard snapshot post to Chatter was not found." However, I'm sitting here looking at the chatter post (pic below). I can't unlock the superbadge I need to get to without finishing this module. Has anyone else expereinced this issue or know how to fix it? 

User-added image

My Dashboard in my developer's org is correct, can I get some assistance?
Launched the app in the "Import data into Einstein Discovery"  module and got "insufficient preveledges - contact Administrator" error.  What do I need to do to continue?
Hi I'm trying to complete the "create a story" module with the APdist csv file. I get the message it can't be completed because it results in no rows. The analysis stopped and got nowhere to go (Tried to start over a couple of times)


Yesterday I had access to my Einstein Discovery app in my sample developer account for the trail.  I went back in today to do another module and I am getting insufficient priviliges.  Not sure what to do since this account was provided as part of trailhead and not provided by my administrator, who they message is directing me to.

I am on wave trailhead "Add Key Metrics to Evaluate Your Business" , While I have done requisite for the trail I am getting below error 

"Could not find the correct dashboard state. Please verify the endpoint and results are correct." 
User-added image
I am working in the beginning Wave Analytics Basics module and am not able to access Wave Analytics in my Trailhead Developer Org to import the Wave Analytics training data. Any ideas as to how to get that?