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Very frustrating. I've attempted this challenge in the DE I was previously working in where I created the reports that need to be added into the dashboard. I have now tried it in two separate NEW DEs where I recreated the reports and built the dashboard. The error code has changed from yesterday but the end result is the same:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: HAKDYYXE
Any suggestions on how to move forward. The Dev Community account is new. However, this would be my 129th Trailhead badge.
I have successfully completed over 100 challenges but this error is causing me grief. I tried it in the DE I was working in when I created the reports that I'm adding into the dashboard. I then tried it in a new DE. Is anyone else having this issue? Please offer advice on how to successfully complete this challenge?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I have a picklist field that contains values A-Z. I need to write a validation rule that says if the Picklist is set to A, B or C then the same Picklist can't be changed to the value X but can be changed to other values. 


The above is what i have but it doesnt work 


  • November 08, 2016
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I am trying to set up a custom domain in a delevoper edition of Salesforce in conjunction with a trailhead course.  When I click the Check Availability button, I always get the same message.  I have tried many different domain names and always get the same message.  The error is as follows:

Your domain name can include up to 40 characters, numbers, and hyphens. The name can't begin or end with a hyphen.

Any suggestions?  My Domain name does not start or end with a hyphen.  See screen shot below

User-added image