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Hi all.

I'm now using Sublime Text3 with MavensMate and heard that there is eclipse force.com IDE.
If there are some other develop tools, could you please let me know and suggest me what you think the best among them.

Thanks in advance,
Can you please help me know which is best for Salesforce development and also for source control?

I think Eclipse Force.com IDE is kind of traditional and being used for a long time now. This IDE also officially supported by Salesforce.com and is widely used by developer community. And It is very strongly coupled with gits for source controlled.

But i do not make out best among all ( Eclipse Force.com Vs Mavensmate Vs Visual Studio Code Vs Developer Console )

Heard that Visual Studio Code is just for Scratch org right now. So is it best to try this for developement and source control?
I am currently using SFDC's Developer Console (because it's on the cloud) but would like to know the opinion of Developers who have worked with (or may have tried) other IDEs for Force.com.
I have come across various alternative IDEs such as:
  1. MavensMate which is not supported any more (Dec-2017) and the owner suggest to look at "Visual Studio Code Extension";
  2. Visual Studio Code Extension;
  3. Welkin Suite (It looks like a paid option but cannot see the price on their website);
  4. Illuminated Cloud (hosted within JetBrains Intellij IDEA); price seem to be 65 USD for 1 or few licenses (and we never know if the vendor will charge new versions)
  5. The traditional Force.com IDE Eclips based (Free but a real pain to install in a Mac);
  6. Any other IDE?
Could you possible let us know your opinion and if you would advise using one or the other? Maybe you could comment on Pros/Cons for each IDE you know?

Thank you very much.
  • December 03, 2017
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Hi All,
I am a beginner SF developer.  I was trying to download MavensMate to use for an IDE but it appears that it's no longer being supported.  From what I have read, MavensMate was highly regarded.  What IDE should I use instead?  Eclipse or Visual studio via the extension?

I'm used to work with Eclipse/Visual Code/Sublime/Atom and so far I can't get Trailhead Playgrounds to work with any of these.

How can I develop for Trailhead Playgrounds using any IDE and not the Developer Console?

I believe I already configured Force.com IDE to work with my DE org but my TP projects don't show.
  • October 16, 2017
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Having some trouble using the Force.com IDE in Eclipse Java Neon and wondering if anyone has seen something similar/can help.  Here is where I'm at:

I've installed Java JDK 1.8.0_101
I've installed Eclipse Neon IDE for Java Developers, as recommended here: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Force.com_IDE_Installation
Upon opening Eclipse, I've followed the instructions to "Install New Software" and Added the Force.com IDE, and finished installation (it shows in the list in "Installation Details")

However, when I go to Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other, it does not show in the list.  I've repeated the above steps a few times and restarted, and still no luck.  Anyone have any ideas?
I have followed a progression.

1.  I built Lightning components on the developer console, and the documentation shows.

     In order to keep snapshots of my work as I went, I copied and pasted to emails that I sent to myself. 

2.  I attended Midwest Dreaming, and discovered that my compatriots worked in Sublime and Eclipse, and connected to Salesforce. 

     That would allow me to use git, as I'm used to.  

3.  I tried Sublime 3 with MavensMate.  I got a complaint that TLS 1.0 wasn't supported, only TLS 1.1. 

4.  I looked into using Eclipse with the Force.com IDE.  It's not clear that environment supports building Lightning components conveniently.

5.  I discovered that if you go to salesforce...devcenter/lightning, they talk about a plug-in for Sublime.  Not a MavensMate plug-in.  One made by Salesforce.

So my question is:  Where can I go for reliable, convenient development of Lightning components?
I am using force.com IDE (Ecilipse) for apex programming.
but I want to know other uses of Ecilipse and its benifits & drawbacks?.
why we are using ecilipse,and the benefites of ecilipse in salesforce,
i see some developer are used to ecilipse why?.