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Does anybody know how to connect SFDC with FTPS server?

Our goal is like below.

- All attached file should be stored into FTPS server with SSL.

- Files can't be stored in SFDC server, because of security issue.

- FTPS server is located on the inside of firewall and DMZ.

- We only need to connect FTPS server with SFDC.

- Our customer doesn't want to spend their money for FTP connection, and they have a FTP server now.

We tried to use trial version of many FTP apps from app exchange, such as "FTP ATTACHMENTS", "X files Pro", "Cloud files", but all are paid apps for our requests.

If somebody knows the proper app and how to do it, please give me a advice!

Thank you in advance!
A developer has the following trigger that fires after insert and creates a child Case whenever a new Case is created.
List<Case> childCases = new List<Case>();
for ( Case parent : Trigger.new )
Case child = new Case(Parentid = parent.id, Subject = parent -Subject);
childCases.add( child );
insert childCases;
What happens after the code block executes?

A.multiple child cases are created for each parent in trigger.new
B.Trigger enters infinite loop and eventually fails
C.Child case is created for each parent case in trigger.new
D.The trigger fails if subject field on parent is blank
What is a method for adding content to Salesforce CRM content? (2 answers)
a.            Attachments
b.            Chatter files
c.             Libraries
d.            Documents

Hello Friends,


I have a requirement wherein the users will click on a button and a CSV file should be generated with some data. Now this file should be automatically sent to an FTP server in real time.


Can this be achieved in salesforce by any means?


Please Help!