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I will preface this with saying that I do not code.  I have a field on the Lead object called Distributor_Contact_email__c.  I would like to create a button that when clicked, would send an email template to that email address.  I found the code below in this forum, but it's not working.  Any help appreciated.  Thank you.

{! Lead.Id }&retURL=%2F{!Lead.Id }&template_id=00XC0000001LMO5')
Cannot create case in Community with Napoli designer template
Description We are testing the Community and when we change to the designer template and choose "Contact Support" we get the following error:

"Either this publisher does not exists or you don't have access to it: NewCase"
It is only a problem in the designer templates.

Please let me know how to resolve this. We are using case record types, but are not using "master" as a profile for the record type

We have bought licenses for both the unlimited CP users (unlimited logins per month) and the pay-per-login licenses. I believe the first is now referred to as the Enterprise Administrator CP license.


We have a profile set up for CP users, and we want that profile to be used by users with EITHER of these licenses.


As far as I can tell:

- Profiles HAVE to be assigned to ONE license type (why??)

- I cannot Clone a profile and assign the clone to another license type (why??)


The issues here are two-fold:

1. Manually replicating a profile is very very tedious

2. Maintaining two profiles and keeping them identical is going to be VERY difficult, and creates risks of both usability and security issues


The two solutions I can see are:

1. Manually replicate the profile, setting by setting (I suspect this will take many hours).

2. Replicate the profile via Eclipse - is this possible?


Is there a better way?


The inability to use the same profile for different Customer Portal licenses is not AT ALL well thought through.