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There's a similar post but I'm not sure it solves the issue: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000Awi0IAC
I have a Process Builder that updates a field on child record (Opp) when the Account Status field  = Approved
I tested the Approval Process an Approved the Account BUT the Process is  not firing, hence, no field update on child record.

BUT when I edit the Status field manually, the Process Builder fires. Has anyone tried to solve this issue?

I'm building a Custom Object that takes advantage of the "Calendar Everything" feature of SF, but it looks like I don't have the ability to create a calendar at all. For some reason I am unable to see the gear icon that allows me to create a calendar.

Calendar Issue Screenshot
When using the Calendar Tab in Lightning, i am unable to see the gear icon which should be appearing next to "My Calendars."
Standard account matching rule is activated. A duplicate rule is created and activated using the standard matching rule, alert and report on insert and edit. However, the duplicate alert is not fired as supposed to. 
Account Name + City fire no problem. But none of Account Name + ZIP, Account Name + Phone + ZIP, Account Name + Billing Address + ZIP fired which it should fire according the document:
(Account Name AND Billing Street)
OR (Account Name AND City)
OR (Account Name AND ZIP)
OR (Account Name AND Phone)
OR (Website AND Phone)
OR (Website AND Billing Street)