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I am unable to save the component LTNG_Access_Control_Challenge_Wrapper.cmp at all. This is also true of the wrapper file in the demo. Any time I make any change and attempt to save either file, I receive this error:

Failed to save LTNG_Access_Control_Challenge_Wrapper.cmp: An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 510282782-23865 (167693694)

Thanks for any help / suggestions

I want to update picklist values in edit form based on values available in table.
My VF page looks like :
<apex:selectList value="{! Contact.assign_1_Business_Vertical__c }" multiselect="true" size="5">
                <apex:selectOptions value="{!parentPicklistOptions}"  />
                <apex:actionSupport event="onchange"  rerender="panel2,panel3" />
My controller is :
public List<SelectOption> getParentPicklistOptions() {
        List<SelectOption> selectOpts = new List<SelectOption>();
        for ( String s : parentDepMap.keySet() )
            selectOpts.add(new SelectOption(s, s));
          Contact.assign_1_Business_Vertical__c = 'Finance';
        return selectOpts;

I can only preset any one value as you can see from apex above where i selected 'Finance'.
I came to know from other forum topics that I can setup a getter setter for values variable of VF page in apex. and there the data type should be String array.
But in my case I am using standerd database field as Value variable in Vf page.
<apex:selectList value="{! Contact.assign_1_Business_Vertical__c }" multiselect="true" size="5">

How can I prepopulate multiple values in this scenario.

I am trying to achieve Autosave of the record every 5 minutes in Lightning.

Here is the code for Common component which can be included any page that record has to be auto-saved without user intervention

Everything works as expected. Only issue is that I can't kill autosave recursion loop when I move to other lightning page. Is there a way to clear the autosave loop , I am using cleartimeout in the code.

autoSave : function(component,event)
        var thisHelper=this;
        var windowHelper=window;
        var timeValue=component. get("v. timer"); 
        component. set("v. timerValue", window. setTimeout(     
            $A. getCallback(function(){
                // To avoid auto save method call if component becomes invalid
                if(component. isValid()){
                    //Fire component event to access child component methods
                    var autoSaveEventValue = component. getEvent("autoSaveEvent");
                    autoSaveEventValue. fire();               
                    thisHelper. autoSave(component);
                // Clear the timer if component becomes invalid
                    windowHelper. clearTimeout( component. get("v. timerValue") );
I have a lightning component that implements lightning:actionOverride how do I get the recordId of the parent when the action is triggered from a related list?

Hello everybody, This is my first Salesforce post.


In my controller, I use a query to get the field related to a rich text area.

My need is to get, for example, 200 first character of a rich text area without HTML markup.


I don't know if a method already exists to perform this because when I try to change the field type from rich text area to text area, Salesforce propose if I want to keep or not the HTML markup of rich text area contents.


Thank you


  • March 11, 2011
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