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Hi everyone:

I'd like to study to the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I exam, and it would be really helpful if you could tell me what are the best resources I can study from to pass the exam, besides the ones that are recommended in the study guide.


I am looking for the best, quickest way to get used to Salesforce development using a Developer Environment platform. 
I have found two books in developer.salesforce.com:
Force.com Platform Fundamentals
Force.com Workbook
The first one is a 400 pages book and the second is smaller 140 pages.
Can anybody that has reviewed and worked with both tell their opinion about both? Any advise will be helpful.
Feel free to give any other suggestion or advise.
Thanks in advance
Any one can suggest any PDF or Example on Web Services and Salesforce Integration?
i am going through few PDF's and links but not able to get hands on practise  properly how to use SOAP, REST,WSDL step by step?
Is any Practical example step by step?
hi Team , 

can any one suggest me good blogs or  links to learn integration ,  which will be helpful for me . 

Thanks in Adv 

Please suggest the approach / how to start with SFDC Integration learning.
Dear Experts,

What is learning path for SFDC Integration ?

Any suggestions/links to go through ?

I'm looking for a step by step instructions for integrating Salesforce with external Applications. Can anyone help me with that.


Can any one help me, what is the best way to learn thoroughly APEX coding. Are there any best books to follow? consider that I am new to programming.

  • August 06, 2014
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I am a newbie in this technology, I want to became a Salesforce/force.com Developer, and for that I am started to learning from official Salesforce documentations, But I am just confused where I have to start there are so many things are there and I couldn't find out which thing I have to learn first and then step by step I get proficiency in all modules of Saleforce/force.com. There are various things which I had seen like Objects, classes, Apex, visualforce, SOSL, SOQL, triggers, and many other things, But i am just confused to start from where when I am start to learn anything then I got confused when some other thing will comes in that, like apex comes in the Visualforce, So then I started to learn Apex first then I got anything else, So I am just running here and there to pickup the topics, Please help me that how can I start and then follows all the topics in a step by step manner so I learn everything and no topic will be left.

Please help with me... I am really confused.

Thanks! Elias



Does salesforce offer any online courses on API integration with salesforce and .Net development. API integration with SF is something I would really like to imporve on and I'd be willing to pay for the course. Any classes anyone has taken and would reccommend? I am located in Michigan so I'm not sure if they offer any locally.



  • August 23, 2013
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Can somone please suggest some good reading/training materials that I can use to learn about integration from scratch?