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i have a created a callout class and in it a function to get response from an end point say "https://www.eventbriteapi.com/v3/events/search/?token=LRZXU32PCQYH2ZH5PQQC&categories=103&expand=venue%2Corganizer&page=1"
We can see that at this endpoint they have implemeted pagination.So first time you hit this url you get data for first page and a page count. ie you have to make a callout again iteratively so as to get the data for the next page and then subesquently for other pages.
Now I need to know how to implemet the same as we have a governer limit of 10 callouts per transaction and I need to get the entire data in salesforce in one go.
Any sample code will be of great help as I am quite new to SF paltform.

Dear Apex friends,


Is there anyway to get around the "too many callouts: 11" problem when I cannot bulkify my callouts?







Is there any way to do multiple call outs in a single txn where there are DML operations?