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So I have two graph widgets, coming from two different datasets and then I have one list widget that works for toggling only one of them. I'm trying to get the list to be able toggle both of these graphs instead of only one.

What I've done:

  • Both  graph widgets are "Grouped By" the same value, and the list widget's field value has this value as well. (Which is "Account Name" in this case)-> This is what I did in order to get the first bar graph widget connected to the list.
  • Added the second dataset to the "datasets" array in the list widget as follows :
    "List_Widget_1": {
                    "datasets": [
                            //Dataset for first bar graph widget
                            "id": "0Fb1I000000fzv4SAA",
                            "label": "DTC Opportunity",
                            "name": "DTC_Opportunity_SAMPLE",
                            "url": "/services/data/v40.0/wave/datasets/0Fb1I000000fzv4SAA"
                            //Dataset for second bar graph widget
                            "id": "0Fb1I000000TR9bSAG",
                            "label": "Opportunities",
                            "name": "opportunities",
                            "url": "/services/data/v40.0/wave/datasets/0Fb1I000000TR9bSAG"
  • Added a filter inside the second bar graph's code as follows; ("Account_Name" is what the first graph has in its "groups" array also in the list's "groups" array)
"filters": [

Note: I understand the comment syntax in this code is incorrect, I just put it this point for question clarification purposes.​

I was following along with this video, so I thought everything I've done here should work; however the second widget fails to display anything and it says the following when I click "more details":

This widget can't be displayed because of a problem with the underlying step
​Use any of these supported operators: Equals,Does Not Equal, and Contains.

Anyone run into a problem like this before and have any insight? I can post the whole json code for the dashboard as well if needed.

Hi All,
If any one finds difficulties in passing this challenge plz make changes in the VF page:
<apex:outputText value="{!sampleMergeField1}"/> <apex:outputText value="{!HTMLENCODE(sampleMergeField2)}" escape="false"/> <apex:outputText > {!sampleMergeField3} </apex:outputText> <script> document.write('{!JSINHTMLENCODE(sampleMergeField4)}'); </script> {!sampleMergeField5} <script> var x = '{!JSENCODE(sampleMergeField6)}'; </script> <apex:outputLabel value="{!HTMLENCODE(sampleMergeField7)}" escape="false"/>

  • January 09, 2017
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I cannot figure out why I am getting this error, though I do know that the source is the highlighted generate  clause.  The query works fine without it, but throws the error with it.   (SAQL text below) 
User-added image

Open = load "opportunity";
Open = filter Open by date('CreatedDate_Year', 'CreatedDate_Month', 'CreatedDate_Day') in ["3 years ago".."1 year ahead"];
Open = filter Open by 'IsClosed' == "false";
Open = foreach Open generate sum('Amount') as 'sum_Amount','CreatedDate_Year' as 'CreatedDate_Year','CreatedDate_Year'+"-"+'CreatedDate_Week'as 'Year_Week';
Won = load "opportunity";
Won = filter Won by date('CreatedDate_Year', 'CreatedDate_Month', 'CreatedDate_Day') in ["3 years ago".."1 year ahead"];
Won = filter Won by 'IsWon' == "true";
Won = group Won by ('CloseDate_Year','CloseDate_Week') ;
Won = foreach Won generate 'CloseDate_Year' as 'CloseDate_Year','CloseDate_Week' as 'CloseDate_Week','CloseDate_Year'+"-"+'CloseDate_Week' as 'Year_Week', sum('Amount') as 'sum_Close';
Won = limit Won 2000;
weekgroup = cogroup Open by 'Year_Week' left, Won by 'Year_Week';
Results = foreach weekgroup generate 'Year_Week' as 'Calendar Week', coalesce(sum(Won['sum_Close']), 0) as 'sum_Amount_Closed', coalesce(coalesce(sum(Won['sum_Close']), 0) / sum(Open['sum_Amount']), 0) as 'Percent_Conversion',sum(Open['sum_Amount']) as 'Total Open';