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I want to use record Type to limit trigger action. 


Now I use querey to get it my code liks below

string Id = [SELECT id from RecordType where Name ='Someone'].Id;


I also found this page, we could use method to get the Record Type Id to avoid the query.

I still can't understand it.


Is there some simple and easy wayt to get the ID only by Record Type's Name?

On the Field Update Detail page, what does 'Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change' do?

Hi Every one,


I have one requirment, I have to create one custom formula filed  in account object ie. "Photo__c" (i dont know how to create it ) and I have to upload an image using visualforce page and save this image to "Photo__c" field. while i have to show this image in visualforce page again.


How to achieve this functionality, Please help me out of this...


Thanks in adv........


  • September 15, 2011
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