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"Customer State" is a field on lead object. The picklist values are CA, NJ,DC, AZ,IL, etc
The requirement is, if CA is selected, 'zipcode' field on lead should have a value '94544'. Similarly if 'NJ' is selected 07102 an so on.
How do i do this? workflow or formula or any easier way?
I've downloaded the latest Data Loader 40.0 and Java 8u131 but my user reports show that it is still using the TLS1.0 protocol.  How can I get it to log in using TLS1.2?
I want to use like  this formula....Monthly_Common_Bill__c = (Room_cost__c + Net_Bill__c + power_bill__c) / Number_of_peoples__c
where i can put this formula.Actually I Tried This formula
1.at custom field(Monthly_Common_Bill__c), in select formula, select currency as the return type, then in the formula area enter above formula:
2.tried at Validation rule also.
this above twotypes its not working.please give me ur valuable answer.Thanks in Advance....User-added image

We want to delete the expired certificates from 'Certificate and Key Management', but I am not able to delete them as its saying they are used in domains. How do I them.

Hello, I am facing a problem with payment selection as PIN already posted but unpaid aren't showing in payment selection and therefore no longer available to be processed. A sale force customer assistant suggested it might be a code error. Can anyone help?
I have a Contact related object called Guest Student Information. On the Guest Student Information object there is a field called Arrival Date. I want to populate that date in a corresponding field (Arrival Date) on the Contact object so I can use it in the list view. Seem to be having trouble creating a Cross Object Formula to enable this. Any suggestions? 
Hello All,
I am new at using Salesforce and trying to learn it.
I want to have a trigger fire on "after insert" or "after update" when the user select a broker name upon saving I want to update the broke email address.
Below is my trigger, but nothing happens, I don't know what is wrong.
trigger PopulateBrokerEmail on Case (after insert, after update) {
    try {   
            Case c1;
                if(c1.AccountBroker__c != ''){
                   c1.Broker_Email__c = c1.AccountBroker__r.Primary_Email__c;
           //for(Case c1 : trigger.new){
           //     if(c1.AccountBroker__c != ''){
           //        c1.Broker_Email__c = c1.AccountBroker__r.Primary_Email__c;
           //     }
        catch(Exception e) {
            //Package suspended, uninstalled or expired, exit gracefully.