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Easy challenge, copying the code of CloudNewsTrigger and including small changes, but I have stucked with the UserId.

Using this code for OrderEventTrigger you will pass the course:
trigger OrderEventTrigger on Order_Event__e (after insert) {    
    // List to hold all tasks to be created.
    List<Task> tasks = new List<Task>();
    // Get queue Id for task owner
    //Group queue = [SELECT Id FROM Group WHERE Name='Regional Dispatch' LIMIT 1];
     String usr = UserInfo.getUserId();  
    // Iterate through each notification.
    for (Order_Event__e event : Trigger.New) {
        if (event.Has_Shipped__c == true) {
            // Create Task to dispatch new team.
            Task ts = new Task();
            ts.Priority = 'Medium';
            ts.Status = 'New';
            ts.Subject = 'Follow up on shipped order ' + event.Order_Number__c;
            ts.OwnerId = usr;//queue.Id;
    // Insert all tasks corresponding to events received.
    insert tasks;


Good luck!
I keep getting the "Challenge Not yet Complete......... Here's whats wrong"
Lightning page named 'New Account Page' does not appear to have the correct components on it.

The new record page must use the 'Header and Two Columns' template, be called 'New Account Page', and be assigned to the Account object. (Check this is done)
The page must have the Highlights Panel and Twitter components, and a Tabs component with these tabs containing these components: (Check this is done)
Activity Tab contains the Activities Component - Complete
Collaborate Tab contains the Feed Component - Complete
Related Tab contains the Related Lists Component - Complete
Details Tab contains the Record Detail Component - Compelte

Here is a screen shot, I believe I have all the items I am supposed to as well as what goes inside the components.
User-added image

Hi there,


I have my company's website in Force.com sites.  I have been building and linking pages without any issues.  Last night I added a new "news story" to my company's website and linked this news story to the main "News" web page.  Now when I go to my website and click on the new link, I get the following error message:


"Authorization Required
You must first log in or register before accessing this page.
If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to reset it."


Here's the page that triggers the error message: http://www.healthysoil.com/news_story_12


I've never had this problem before.  Is this related to the new visualpages security settings?  I click on "Security" for my new page and the settings are identical to many of my old pages... Although some of my old pages include an "enabled profile" that is not an "available profile" for me to add in the security settings for my new page.


Does that make any sense?!


Would appreciate any help.

Thank you!



Not sure if Salesforce would allow this (knowing all cross-domain javascript restrictions coming into play et.) but is it possible to somehow enforce a whole browser page refresh from an inline Visualforce page (i.e. an embedded VF within Standard page)?


This is needed since the inline VF page captures data for one of the CHILD objects (Opportunity standard page having sub-section for OpportunityLineItem data).


Hence whenever we add a new Opportunity Line item using this inline vF page, there are some rollup calculations happening on parent i.e. Opportunity and since those roll up fields are present on Opportunity Standard page, only way for us to show latest information on UI is to somehow cause whole page to refresh so that Opportunity shows updated roll up fields, as well as Inline VF shows new line item added. 


I am bit skeptical about this as we have seen issues in past where VF are rendered from a separate domain and standard pages from different, hence cross-domain JS issues may arise here if we try to refresh PARENT using  javascript within Inline VF.


I saw a similar post but not sure how we can do whole brower refresh -



Any insight, help is appreciated.





I have a requirement wherein I need to create and display barcode in a pdf page genereated using Visualforce. Does any one have an idea on how to do this?

I understand that there are special fonts which can displays the text in a barcode format. But there are limitations too on the salesforce server which generates Fonts for pdf. Will Visualforce Pdf support such a font?