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we are facing an issue in accessing the visualforce page in lightning context , where we are trying to get content of it apex, we are getting page not accessible though we have given permission to that page for guest user profile of community.
I want inline edit and update the feilds in my custom object list view.i used custom controller.
Plz,help in this...

Thanks & Regards
One of our clients uses Internet Explorer for business. We created a custom visualforce page for their Price Request custom object. In this page we are calling in the standard "Combined attachments" related list.

When a user attempts to upload documents using the "Notes and Attachments" related list with either Chrome or Firefox, there are no issues.

When users attempt to upload documents using Internet Explorer, the following happens:
1) A popup appears for the user to select a document from their machine
2) Once the user selects a document the screen freezes on the upload screen. The user is able to interact with the box, but cannot close it nor cancel the upload. The upload does not complete, no matter how long the user waits.

I have tried it in IE on a few different machines myself and get the same results. I can't figure out why this is happening or how to fix it. Any Ideas??? The entire VF page is pasted below.

<apex:page standardController="Price_Request__c" extensions="PriceRequestPageController" showHeader="true" tabStyle="Price_Request__c">
<c:PriceRequestPage priceReq="{!priceReq}" retURL="{!retURL}" type="internal" acctFixed="{!acctFixed}" viewRecord="true"/>
<apex:relatedList subject="{!priceReq}" list="CombinedAttachments" id="attachments" />
I am working on the Report Contacts By Hobbies and Rating. When I add a Rating field in  Column it does not show the picklist values Hot Warm and Cold.
User-added image
I Recheck the field in Account Object. Picklist values are Activated .
User-added image
Unable to find Wave Asset in Feed Tracking while trying to complete "Enable Annotations on Dashboard Widgets" module under "Select and Enable Analytics feature".Please help.
I am looking for a sales and service cloud functional consultant from India. I am will to pay INR 1000 per hour. 

I am already a salesforce consultant myself and my intention is to project manage/engagement manage customers. I will do all the client side requirement gathering and solution design. What I am looking for is someone to configure the application. I will then do QA, UAT and handover

Must Have
Be currently salesforce certified - Admin 201, sales cloud, service cloud.
Good communication skills
Fluent in English
Can get things completed.