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Hello I'm trying to create tasks that are related to an opportunity whenever a certain product is closed. I have it all setup but cannot get it to trigger. I'm not sure what the issue is and hope someone will identify it.
My start of process is wehenver the Opportunity Line Item is created or edited and the following criteria is met:
  • Won = Yes (formula field pulled onto Opprtunity Line Item object from Opportunit)y and
  • Product Code = ABC123
Action is that it will create a new Task record. Here are the values I have. It's not creating a task, nor sending an email letting me know that Process Builder is having an issue.
  • Due Date Only | Formula | [OpportunityLineItem].Opportunity.CloseDate +2
  • Assigned To Id | String | 00541000006XBEj
  • Related To ID | Field Reference | [OpportunityLineItem].Opportunity.CloseDate
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I have a salesforce account - daniel.wymer@teradata.com - and get into endless loop and cannot reach Trailhead.  It seems like I have a Salesforce account, have established a password, but cannot login to Trailhead.