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Hi all! 
I am creating a custom field that will be auto filled based on a formula from another fields pick list value.  I seem to be having issues with my formula and would love to get some help if possible. 

New field name is Est. Downloads Per Episode  wihich will be give he number or a blank value depening ont he pick list value. 

If Flight_Type_Basis__c  is "Episode" or "Episode Maual"  the new field will fill in the number from the field Avg_Downloads_per_Episode__c
but if the pick list value from Flight_Type_Basis__c is "Impression" or "Impression Manual"  the result for the field will be Blank. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I have been working on this most of the day. 
Hi All, 
I have a requirement where a user is asking for a delete access to a standard object. Now, I really don't want to create a new profile for the user. Can this issue be resolved using a permission set?

Thanks in Advance,