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Hi All,
I have query regarding CIC. Can anybody please help me understand how it is integrated with Salesfoce? I am clueless on how to work this issue. I have already raised an case with Support team but looking for any ways to figure out the cause of this.
Sometimes, when the user makes a call, the activity gets logged against opportunity and sometimes with Account. Is this behavious dependant on any parameters/conditions.

Thanks in Advance,
Hi All,
I am facing issue while setting up Lead Auto Response rule. The description given in Salesforce is
" The sender email address must be either one of your verified organization-wide email addresses or the email address in your Salesforce user profile."

I am using a active user email address in the FROM to send the auto response. However, I am getting error
"Error: xxxxx@companyname.com is an invalid From email address"
This user has send email permission to lead. I am clueless as to why this user can not be added to Auto Response Sender.
Please help as I need to set up this rule on a urgent basis.

Thank you in advance
Hi All,
Does anyone have Salesforce for Outlook plugin download file (exe file)? It seems like Salesforce does not provide link in the SetUp anymore.

Thank you in advance and happy new year. 
Hi Every One, 
I'm trying to add new pick list values on Standard fields "Industry" On Account Object. After adding values and while saving I’m getting "Error: Duplicate Values" but they are new values. can anyone please give let me know how to fix this error?

Thanks in Advance,