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Hi, can someone help me out with the following questions. Any help would be appreciated. 

1. A developer is writing a visualforce page to display a list of the checkbox fields found on a custom object.
    What is the recommended mechanism the developer should use to accomplish this?
   A.Schema Builder
   B.Metadata API
   C.Apex API
   D.Schema class
2.  How can a developer modify a highly interactive V.F page to be very responsive and work  
       on both desktop mobile devices?
   A.Use <apex:includeScript> with the standerd Salesforce1 javascript library.
   B.Use <apex:includeScript> with a custom javascript library.
   C.Use <apex:actionRegion> tags
   D.use <apex:actionSupport> tags
3.  Which Statement is true regarding both flow and Lightning Process?
    A.Are able to embedded directly into V.F pages
    B.Can use Apex methods with the @InvoicableMethod annotation
   C.Are both server-side considerations in the order of Execution
   D.Can use Apex that implements the Process.Plugin interface
4. A developer receives LimitException; too many query row:50001 error when running code
   what debugging approach using the developer console provides the fastest and most accurate mechanism
    to identity component that may be recruiting an unexpected number of rows?
     A.Add (                      ) to the code to track SOQL Query
     B.Filter the debug log on
5. A developer must create a way external parents to submit millions of leads into salesforce per day. How should the developer meet this requirement?
      A.publicity expose an apex web service via Force.com sites
      B.Create a web service on Heroku that uses Heroku Connect
      C.Publicity expose a V.F page via Force.com sites
      D.Host a web-to-lead form on the company websites
6. Which statement is true about using Chatter in Apex?
     choose 2 ans
    A.Chatter in Apex rate limits match Chatter rest API rate limits
    B.Chatter in Apex methods honor the with sharing and without sharing keywords
    C.Posting a photo in chatter in Apex is synchronous and happens immediatly
    D.Chatter in Apex methods do not run in system mode they run in the context of the current user

7. What is a best practice when unit testing a controller?
    choose 2 ans
    A.simulate best interaction by leveraging text.setMock{}
    B.Set.query parameters by using get.parameters{}.put{}
    C.Access test data by using testalldatatrue
    D.verify correct page references by using get.URL{}.
Hi everyone:

I'd like to study to the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I exam, and it would be really helpful if you could tell me what are the best resources I can study from to pass the exam, besides the ones that are recommended in the study guide.


Hi I would like to write Administrator Certification. Could you please help me to get the dumps for the exam. Thanks
Hi ,
Please help me answering below questions.
1. What must the Controller for a Visualforce page utilize to override the Standard
Opportunity view button?
A. The StandardSetController to support related lists for pagination.
B. the Opportunity StandardController for pre -built functionality.
C. A callback constructor to reference the StandardController.
D.A constructor that intrializes a private Opportunity variable.
Confused between Answer B and C

2.what is a correct pattern to follow when programming in Apex on a Multi -tenant
A. Apex code is created in a separate environment from schema to reduce deployment
B.DML is performed on one record at a time to avoid possible data concurrency issues.
C. Queries select the fewest fields and records possible to avoid exceeding
governor limits.
D. Apex classes use the ''with sharing" keyword to prevent access from other server
I think Answer is C

3.How can a developer refer to, or instantiate, a PageReference in Apex?
Choose 2 answers
A. By using a PageReference with a partial or full URL.
B. By using the Page object and a Visualforce page name.
C. By using the ApexPages.Page() method with a Visualforce page name.
D. By using the PageReference.Page() method with a partial or full URL.
I think Answer A,B

4.What can the developer do to successfully deploy the new Visualforce page and
A. Create test classes to exercise the Visualforce page markup.
B. Select "Disable Parallel Apex Testing" to run all the tests.
C. Add test methods to existing test classes from previous deployments.
D. Select "Fast Deployment'' to bypass running all the tests.
Answer D

5. When can a developer use a custom Visualforce page in a Force.com application?
Choose 2 answers
A. To create components for dashboards and layouts.
B. To deploy components between two organizations.
C. To generate a PDF document with application data.
D. To modify the page layout settings for a custom object.
Answer A, C

6. Which statement about the Lookup Relationship between a Custom Object and a
Standard Object is correct?
A. The Lookup Relationship on the Custom Object can prevent the deletion of the
Standard Object.
B. The Lookup Relationship cat:That be marked as required on the page layout for the
Custom Object.
C. The Custom Object will be deleted when the referenced Standard Object is
D. The Custom Object inherits security from the referenced Standard Objects
Answer C

Please clarify these questions.
 I am palnning to give ADM 201 exam next month. Can anyone please help me with recent exam questions or any material which can help me to 
clear the certification.
Thank you!!
Can you please help me out by answering these questions.
A company wants a recruiting app that models candidates and interviews; displays the total number of interviews on each candidate record; and defines security on interview records that is independent from the security on candidate records.What would a developer do to accomplish this task? 
Choose 2 answers.
A) Create a lookup relationship between the Candidate and Interview objects.
B) Create a trigger on the Interview object that updates a field on the Candidate object
C) Create a roll-up summary field on the Candidate object that counts Interview records.
D) Create a master-detail relationship between the Candidate and Interview objects.
Hoping the Ans as :A,B

2) In the Lightning Component framework, which resource can be used to fire events?ans: A,B
Choose 2 answers
Third-party Javascript code.
Javascript controller actions.
Visualforce controller actions.
Third-party web service code.

Hoping as Ans: A,B

3) What is a capability of formula fields? 
   Choose 3 answer 
A) Generate a link using the HIPERLINK function to a specific record in a legacy system
B) Determine if a datetime field has passed using the NOW function
C) Determine which of three different images to display using IF function
D) Return and display a field value from another object using the VLOOKUP function
E) Display the previous value for a field using the PRIORVALUE funtion

I think Ans: B,C,D

4)A developer wants to display all the available record types for a case Object. The developer also wants to display the picklist values for the Case.Status field. The Case Object and the Case.Status field are on a Custom Visualforce page.
Which action can the developer perform to get the record types and picklist values in the controller?
Choose 2 answers. 
Use Schema.PicklistEntry returned by Case.Status.getDescribe().getPicklistValues()
Use Schema.RecordTypeInfo returned by Case.sObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypeInfos()
Use SOQL to query Case records in the org to get all values for the Status picklist field
Use SOQL to query Case records in the org to get all the RecordType values available for Case 

I think Ans:A,B

5) A developer writes a SOQL query to find child records for a specific parent. Ans:5


How many levels can be returned in a single query?

A. 1
B. 7
C. 5
D. 3
Confused between option A and C.Please clarify these questions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Everyone
I am new to Salesforce .I want to give Certification exam of Dev 401 and ADM 201.
Please help me if anyone have latest Dumps. I heard Pattern has  changed from Winter 2016 release.
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Hello All  ,

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Pooja Upadhyaya

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Thank You,