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Hi everyone, I currently want to generate an order and copy the data from Quotes to Order automatically when Stage is set to 'Closed Won' , like the app "Generate Orders", but my edition doesn't support me to install that app. Could anyone tell me how to make that happen? Thanks a lot!!!
Hi everyone, I took over Salesforfe from others recently and I want to creat a custom link called "Opportunity by Close Date". And I found in the left sidebar, there is a link called Opportunity by Create Date (I attached a picture to show this), when I click that, it goes to the report tab and gives me the data. But I didn't this link under set up--->custom links. I don't know where to find this link, could anyone give me direction? Thanks a lot!!!​
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Hello everyone, I just get started with Salesforce development. Is there a possibility that the total amount can show up on the page I post. I want to get the sum of the Amount and display the number on this page. 
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Hello everyone, I am a newbie of Salesforce development, but I want to add some changes on SF. Could I add a column called "Mobile", which is a field under Object "Contact" to the field ("Contact",which is under Account object)? Could I make the corresponding record of "mobile" shows up automatically?
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Hello, I want a field under Object "Contact" shows on another Object "Account", is it possible?
I want to create a button named "New Opportunity" that can create a new opportunity when click it. But I dont know how to make it happen,
plz help. Thanks very much!!!
Hello, I got a question for retriving data. For example, if I use code like this: <apex:outputtext value="{!Case.Owner.Name}" /> and I can get a text show on my web page. But how can I know where does each value after dot come from, is that simply (object name) . (field name) . (data wanna retrive). But how can I know the exact name of data that I wanna retrive?  The example I showed is a bad example, cuz I assume that the name of data I wanna retrive maybe call Name, yet I dont know where to find it.     Thanks for helping.
Hello, I want a field under Object "Contact" shows on another Object "Account", is it possible?

The following line:



Account: <apex:outputText value="{!X360_Contract_Cycle__c.Account__c}" />

 Produces the following on my VisualForce page (rendered as pdf):



Prepared for: 001Q0000008olvcIAA


I tried changing this to outputField instead of outputText (example below):



Account: <apex:outputField value="{!X360_Contract_Cycle__c.Account__c}" />

This displays the account name correctly (not the record ID).  That is good....except it included the account name as a selectable link on the rendered PDF.  What is the best way to output the value, not as the record ID, and not include the value as a link?  So far running into a little bit of a catch 22.  Thanks in advance for the help!