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SFDC Developer and Administrator online Training [combine Modules]

Total Hours - 44 hrs
Duration - 11 Days [4 hours per day]
Course Fee:$400

Day 1

Introduction of Salesforce
Introduction of App , object and tab
Assignment - 1

Day 2

page layout
formula and rollup summary
validation rules
Record Types
Dependent Picklist
Assignment -2

Day 3

Manage Users ,profiles and roles
Create portal Users
Field level security
create a text templates
Activity and Task
Assignment - 3

Day 4

work flow email alert
workflow field update
Workflow Task
Approval Processing
Assignment - 4

Day 5

Sharing rules
Organization sharing
Manual sharing
Role sharing
Assignment 5

Day 6

Sales cloud
Lead Management
Lead conversions
Product and Pricebook Management
Contact Management

Day 7
Service Cloud
Case Management
Case Esclation
Knowledge base
Manage solution
Manage Service contract

Day 8

Report types
Tabular Report
summary Report
Matrix report

Day 9

Analytical snapshot
Company Profile

Day 10

Data Loader
Import Wizard

Day 11
Mini Project - Any management System..


for details about course and pricing contact: infohardrev@gmail.com

Hi Experts,


I have signed up a training org through salesforce.com training. I performed all the labs in this org to create the recruiting app. I want to continue the effort, but it has 30 days expiration. My options are:


1. migrate my training org to develop edition

2. migrate my training org to sandbox

3. migrate my training org to another training org (again 30 days)


Please let me know if you were me, which route you will choose so that you can continue the lab practice? And what effort and steps you would take to complete the migration?


Thanks much


  • November 26, 2013
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Hello! I am new to salesforce and wanted to know if anyone can recommend which online classes are best to take.  I hope to be able to upload compliance paperwork to each of our customers as well as document the status of each customer.  The status will help to determine where we are as far as specific product paperwork, training, setup, follow up etc.


If anyone uses this program for a similar purpose and could offer me some suggestions on what classes to take it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

  • March 30, 2009
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