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Hi Experts,
I am in newly started Integrations, could any one provide me some scenarios for CTI to Salesforce integrations.

  • November 18, 2017
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We already have a windows service running on a server which communicates with our telephony system. Now we want to send an API call to that service when a phone number is clicked. Is there a way to implement this. 
To be very precise I am looking to provide a clickable icon next to phone number field of Leads and Contacts, in Salesforce. After clicking on this I want to fire an API call to initiate the calling. 

I'm new to salesforce.please tell me what's the procedure to integrate salesforce with CTI.is it possible CTI integration in developer edition
Does anyone has idea about phone system integration with Salesforce? 
Please give me some insights into this.

Thank you.
I am creating a report on Activity. It will show all the Call Log in given time period and all the Email as well.
Now i want to separete both of them. I want to see only the Call Log in report. But it is showing me Email as well.

I am trying to filter both as Activity type but it is not showing.

How to separate both Call Log and Email in report. Please help me as soon as possible.
Hi all,

Please guide me integrate with Saleforce and Skype. when click Lead record phone field, call to that number from skype.
Can anyone explain how a CTI application will work in Salesforce ?

Thanks in advance
  • December 29, 2014
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Hi ,

I would like to implement VOIP integeration in my organization, my requiremet is that if any customer give us a call if it is our contact , so we can directly receive the call through VOIP. I  installed 8*8 virtual office for saleforce.com but struggled to move ahead with the configuration.


I am  also not sure what kind of device I need to attach in my PC and whether I need to attach any device or it can work with out attaching any device as well.


Can any body help me moving ahead, appeciate any direction on this.

Hi friends, im trying to connect my computer and a Nortel VoIP phone and build a demo with the Open CTI.  The Open CTI i have succesfully installed it on my Salesforce ORG, but i don't know what to do next to make this computer recieve the phone calls.


Need your help to get on the right path.



  • October 08, 2012
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Hi to all,


I need to integrate in Salesforce CRM a callcenter based in ASTERISK PBX using a CTI adapter. I know there are several CTI's, but are based in Windows OS. Anyone know about any developed CTI adapted working in MAC?


I give you my thanks for your support.


Best regards

We are using a CTI tool called Avaya which is integrated with salesforce and users can call through a soft phone, they will have click to dial functionalities etc...

One of our user's machine freezes when he is in the middle of the call (thru soft phone) and he could not do anything for 5 mins. I guess it is some issue with Avaya softphone. Did anyone used Avaya before? Did anyone encounter this kind of issue?

  • June 06, 2012
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We are populating a VF page by editing the Softphone layout and were expecting the call logs will be generated once the call ends automatically as a part of standard feature of spoftphone...


Activity logs are getting created if we are not using screen pop ( VF page ) rather service cloud console.. with standard record layout. but not when screen pop VF page is used.


Kindly help..

  • December 21, 2011
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I was wondering if salesforce offeres some kind of built in VOIP Integration. If know can someone give me a direction. Thanks. 

hello all,

                     i am new bie for salesforce. i need to integrtae third party API with Salesforce APEX code. Please suggest some good links or  demo code that will describe that how to get started with integration.  Any code help wil be much appreciated.  Just need to know how to start with API integration code.



H R Dave

I turned on the call center adapter and the softphone.  On the basic view page for the contact details, the phone number is click to dial.  How do I give this same functionality to my custom detail page written in VisualForce for a contact?  The phone number is a phone data type and i'm using an outputField to display the phone number.  This makes the number only text and not a link.

Thank you

Can some please help?  We are willing to pay someone who can help us finish a custom modification we made to Broadsofts CTI connector for Salesforce.  About 8 months ago we hired someone on these forums to modify Broadsofts CTI connect so that we would have options on the pop up where you leave notes on the call.  These options were 3 simple radio buttons that the sales rep would check so that we would be able to run a report and see what calls were 1. live connects, 2. voicemails, and 3 no answers.  The developer we hired did about 80% of the work and then just quit.  He wont return my calls or emails and we are now stuck with a plugin that crashes all the time and has one or two other issues that I am sure will be an easy fix for someone who knows how to develop.  If your interested in making easy money and can assist me please contact me at erikm@dataqdirect.com.  

I have been assign to take the project developing CTI adater to plug into Seimens HiPath. I do not realy know that how they are connect to each other. My supervicer told me to find out that how they connect to each other. Does anyone know that do i have to configure or set up any extra things? I have to demo the Adapter before building  the CTI adapter.  ( I can't find anything tall about extra set up beside customize the code. Am I right to claim that no need to set anything up)..  By the way, in the developer guide tells that I should use VS 2003. Is it neccesary to use the exactly versio?)


Best Regards,


  • April 12, 2011
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Dear All,


We would like to integrate our VOIP service (for call recording and storing). The list of softphones software - XLITE & EYE BEAM. We would like to integrate the same with SalesForce. VOIP providers are Pulse, WorldSmart.


Please help me on this.




  • June 29, 2010
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Hello everyone,




I would like to know if It's possible to connect Salesforce with a digital telephone MITEL. I've installed the Salesforce CTI demo adapter 2.0 and the Firefox plugin, but I have no idea about what to do next!




Thanks in advance!!

Do we have CTI Adapter for Avaya IP500 professional  in SFDC? . Please let me know, one of our clients wants us to integrate Call Manager with SFDC.
Does anyone has idea about phone system integration with Salesforce? 
Please give me some insights into this.

Thank you.