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I am trying to write a trigger that will populate a contact lookup field with a specific contact. I am struggling to figure out how to code the specific contact into the trigger. 

Check out the code and you will see what I mean...

Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED! Thanks guys! 
trigger CampaignTrigger on Campaign (after insert) {

	for(Campaign camp:Trigger.New){
		if(camp.Project_Manager__c == null)
		camp.Project_Manager__c = WHAT DO I PUT HERE?? THE USERS ID? 


IF( Format__c = 'qw ert',
        IF(INCLUDES(Local__r.XYZ__r.ABC__c, 'ABC 10'),'1','')+
        IF(INCLUDES(Local__r.XYZ__r.ABC__c, 'New Vision'),'2','')+
        IF(INCLUDES(Local__r.XYZ__r.ABC__c, 'ABC 10+'),'3','')+
        IF(INCLUDES(Front__r.ABC__c, 'ABC 10'),'4','')+
        IF(INCLUDES(Front__r.ABC__c, 'New Vision'),'5','')+
        IF(INCLUDES(Front__r.ABC__c, 'ABC 10+'),'6',''),
            '25','New Vision',
            '125','New Vision',
            '1235','New Vision',
            '245','New Vision',
            '2456','New Vision',
            '145','ABC 10',
            '1345','ABC 10',
            '1246','ABC 10',
            '1456','ABC 10',
            '1245','New Vision;ABC 10',
            '12345','New Vision;ABC 10',
            '12456','New Vision;ABC 10',
            '146','ABC 10;ABC 10+',
            '1346','ABC 10;ABC 10+',
            '13456','ABC 10;ABC 10+',
            '12346','New Vision;ABC 10;ABC 10+',
            '123456','New Vision;ABC 10;ABC 10+',
The above formula gives an error stating " Compiled formula is too big to execute". If I check it using external tool, the count comes down to way within the character limit. Local__r.XYZ__r.ABC__c as well as Front__r.ABC__c points to a Multi Select picklist field. 
I am trying to integrate Salesforce data into my website using site function in salesforce but it is flickering, why?
we have to add a discount on the product on account for this you need to create 5 fields Tier1 to 5 on account in which you can specify the discount % Also,create one picklist on product with values Tier 1 to tier 5 to select Tier. When a new product is added with Tier value under opp then the discount will be applicable only when tier is mentioned on product and Discount for that Tier is mentioned on Account.
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