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I just created a visual workflow and tried to activate but couldn't get the "Activate" button anywhere.
Could some one please guide me.

Thank YouActivate button missing in Visual Workflow

I've checked the document and it is said that with the "Send Email" permission, user can send email by click Send An Email on the Activity History related list of a record.


I'm using an user with the "Send Email" permission enabled. The user license is force.com free. I clicked the "Send an Email" button on one of the custom record and got the "Insufficient Privileges" error.


Following are the details form the help document. Thanks!


Sending Email

Available in: All Editions except Database.com


User Permissions Needed

To send emails:

“Send Email”

To create an organization-wide address:

“Modify all Data”

To send email to a contact, lead, person account, or other user:

  1. Click Send An Email on the Activity History related list of a record. Or, from a case, click Send An Email or Reply from the Email related list. This option is available only to organizations using Email-to-Case or On-Demand Email-to-Case.

Sorry for the RTFM type question but, believe it or not, I'm having a bit of trouble finding the answer...

What is the syntax for Visualforce server side comments?