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So I figured out how to tell Live Agent to use a custom page... (I think)


But when I switch to using a custom page, and the user initiates a chat from a Chat Button, the user is blocked by an "Authorization Required - You must first log in or register before accessing this page." message. I attempted to adjust the "Security" setting of the page, just adding all the roles to the page, and that didn't work.


So... how exactly do I expose that custom page so that any of our customers/users (i.e. The Public) can communicate via the custom chat page without requiring a login?




The Live Agent Developer's Guide has a section on "Customizing Chat Windows", which is awesome. I'm really glad that we have the ability to build a custom window using Visualforce components and HTML/CSS!


However, there seems to be a piece missing in that section, unless I just missed it. 


The section tells us how to build a custom window but it doesn't seem to indicate how to hook it up to our deployment. Therefore, how do we tell our deployment to use the custom Live Agent Chat Window?