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Hello, I will appreciate your help on this please: 
Need help to understand what I am doing wrong.

In developer intermediate section of trailhead
API Basics: Use bulk API challenge

Import Accounts Using Bulk API and Workbench
Using Bulk API and Workbench, import these account records (a CSV file).

This is what I tried in workbench:

Step 1:  /services/data/XX.0/jobs/ingest
Executed POST

Step 2: /services/data/XX.0/jobs/ingest/jobID/batches
Changed Headers Content-Type to text/csv
Executed PUT

Step3: /services/data/XX.0/jobs/ingest/jobID. 
In the request body, replaced the text with the following JSON text.
   "state" : "UploadComplete"

Executed PATCH
I am working on the Salesforce1 Mobile Customization Badge and am in the module for the object specific quick actions. I have followed these steps:

Create a quick action on the event object for entering a prospective buyer's feedback
Your brokers want to capture the feedback of their potential buyers after they look at a property. Create a quick action on the event object so brokers can update an event with their notes immediately after a showing. Add the action to the publisher for the Showing layout.
Create a quick action for the event object
Action type: Update a Record
Label: Enter Feedback
Remove all the fields on the page layout except for Name
Put the Feedback field on the page layout
Add the Enter Feedback quick action to the publisher for the Showing Layout. You might have to override the predefined actions in the Salesforce1 section of the publisher.

And have this action done with layout streamlined:
User-added image

And the placement of the action:

User-added image

But I still get this error for Name and Feedback missing? 

User-added image

If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure what I am missing.